Are Your Gutters Looking Their Best?

If you take a lot of pride in the exterior condition of your home and the first impression your residence brings, you might be horrified to notice dark or light streaks running down the gutters on the brick or siding exterior. You might think the problem is related to the original gutter installation, and you may be tempted to blame a cheap contractor. However, the discoloration that may be leaching is usually related to environmental factors.

The Influence of the Environment

Over time, the dirt, debris, and pollution found in the environment can build up around the edge of your gutters and over your home. Once the rainwater or melting snow comes in contact with the elements, it washes it off the gutter and down the sides of your house. According to many gutter installation companies, the most troubling pollutants include dust, dirt, acid rain, vehicle emissions, and pollutants from local industry or plants. Once they mix with moisture, it can leak down onto the exterior walls of the home, but the runoff is more often noticed on the gutter itself.

Ways to Clean Your Gutters

Regardless of how your gutter is hung or coated, the buildup can occur and cause unsightly stains. Most of the time, taking some cleaner and a pressure washer can be the best way to remove the grime. Don’t use things that can strip the paint and scratch the finish. You may have to clean the area more than once to get it looking like new. Some professional gutter installation companies recommend using a mixture of tri-sodium phosphate for stubborn tiger striping stain. This compound is generally found in home improvement stores already mixed together, making it easy to apply and easy to rinse off.

Because the gutters are located on the roof, safety can be an issue when you are looking to thoroughly clean them. For this reason, it is always best to contact a professional with experience in order to have the job done safely and efficiently.