Different Types of Roofing Tiles To Choose From

When it comes to replacing your home’s roof, the decision can be a difficult one. As one of the most expensive house repairs, you want to make sure the materials you select for your tile roofing project will last for as long as possible. Perhaps that is why so many people request information from contractors about various types of products before choosing which style of tile to purchase.

Slate Tiles

Although slate tiles are heavy, they offer a distinctive look that many people love. If you are considering slate tiles, you will need to employ a professional installation service, and you may need to add extra support to your roof. If you choose slate tiles, take care when cleaning the surface during annual maintenance because they can be fragile.

Metal Tiles

Metal roofs are beautiful and last a long time. You can choose from several different types of metal tiles, including copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. Depending on the tile roofing material you choose, the fabric cost can range from inexpensive to very expensive. Additionally, the tiles will need to be installed by a professional service.

Cement Tiles

Many people chose cement tiles for their homes because they are fireproof and have a long roof-life. One other popular factor is annual maintenance, which can easily be done with a power washer. These tiles can also be found in various textures and colors.

Synthetic Tiles

One of the most popular homeowners’ choices is the low-cost synthetic tiles that are easy to replace, maintain and repair. Although the choice of colors is limited, there are still many styles to choose from. These tiles are also often used as a roof installation over an existing area.

Selecting Options

No matter which of the many options you choose when your home needs to be reroofed, you can find a style of tile roofing products just right for your home. Contact a roofing company to find out which of the many available products are right for your project.