Qualities of Tile Roofing That Will Convince You To Upgrade

Tile roofs provide a unique and beautiful appeal to homes, and they are especially popular in areas of the country with warm, humid climates. These distinctive roofs tend to be very durable, and some have survived beautifully well beyond 70 years. Is tile roofing a good fit for your home?

Lasting Beauty

Are you tired of replacing your roof? Standard shingle roofs often hold up for around 25 to 35 years, depending on how much they are exposed to high winds, extreme temperatures, debris, and other hazards. If you’ve noticed that more and more shingles are thrown into your yard after a rough storm, you may be ready to look into a tile roofing. Homeowners with tile roofs have found that they hold up well even when exposed to earthquakes, hurricanes, fire, and other hazards.

Insulation and Durability

Roofing tiles provide great insulation for your home. During the winter, tile helps hold in the heat, and in the summer, it has the opposite effect. This could mean that you pay less for your heating and cooling as the seasons change. Tile’s durability and insulative qualities mean that the cost of replacement will be offset by future savings.

Unique and Distinct

One of the main reasons people choose tiles for their roofs is the unique appearance of tile. Adobe red tiles are pretty common in desert locations and in ocean-view homes, but tile is also available in comforting moss green tones or cool blues. You may even find tile that represents shake roofing, wood shingles, or slate – all with the same quality and beauty of tile. If you’re hoping to sell your home, the increased visual appeal of your home could mean that you sell faster or get a better price.

In the past, tile roofing materials were heavy and were only appropriate for homes with the necessary structural support. Today, tiles are more lightweight and can be used on most buildings. If you’re ready to upgrade your roof, check out some of the tile options in your area.