The Advantages of Choosing Tile Roofing


When considering roofing options, architects and homeowners alike can maximize beauty and energy efficiency by choosing tile roofing. This option brings a classic, timeless look a home and carries the benefits of being one of the more durable roofing materials. An experienced roofer can handle the installation of clay, metal, or concrete tiles.

Cost-Cutting Can Be Disastrous

Don’t attempt to redo your roof on your own. Your efforts to save on expenses will result in disaster, as tiles require precision cutting and laying for roofing. You also face the long-term effects of more difficult maintenance, potential water leaks, and housing damage from improper installation or cheap materials. When it comes to your roof, don’t evaluate your roofing materials and installation purely on cost.

Look at the Big Picture

A tile roofing project will give you a new protective covering for your house, but it does so much more. The tile for roofing projects is made from concrete and clay, giving them tremendous weight and damage resistance. Weather and climate do not have an impact on the material either. There several other benefits of working with tile for your new roof.

  1. Curb appeal: Though it may be just a roof, the size and scope add a decorative element to your home or commercial building. The advantage of using tiles is that the roofing style can bust customized to enhance the aesthetic of the home or property. It increases the beauty, and therefore the value, of the home.
  2. Style options: Tiles come in several styles, colors, shapes, and formats. Homeowners and developers have options whether they are using concrete or clay tiles. They can be laid in the traditional Mediterranean or Spanish styles, and they can come as shingles or in the form of shake. Spending a little extra can get you custom, hand-crafted tiles.

Though slightly more costly than shingles, tile roofing provides durability and elegance to your home. Work with a roofing contractor to find out all your options.